Canola Flowers - Chris Daly

Canola Flowers on farms in the Western Cape

Landscape photos of fields of Canola Flowers on farms in the Western Cape – South Africa. In August after good winter rains, the farm lands become a patchwork of bright yellow flowers. The yellow fields are offset by the lush green wheat lands of the Western Cape. Under clear blue skies the vibrant yellow of the canola flowers also known as rape is overwhelming. The N2 road from Riversdale in the east to Caledon in the west has many picture postcard scenes. The patchwork of yellow flowers, the the verdant green of the wheat lands and the magnificent backdrop of the blue Langeberg Mountains. Each year in August the town of Swellendam hosts the Canola Carnival. Enjoy the flowers, food and fun of the vibrant festival. People come from all over South Africa and the world to view the spectacle. The oil pressed from the Canola seed is very healthy. Canola oil is low in saturated fat and contains both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

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Stock photos from the Digital Photo Library © Chris Daly FPSSA APSSA (Vers) AFIAP

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