Sossusvlei - Chris Daly

Spectacular Sossusvlei Red Sand Dunes of the Namib Desert

Sossusvlei Red Sand Dunes in the heart of the Namib Desert are surely one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Sossusvlei is a huge clay pan is enclosed by giant sand dunes. Some of the dunes reach a height of 300 metres, which makes them the highest dunes in the world. The Sossusvlei red sand dunes have developed over a period of many millions of years. Wind constantly reshapes the patterns of the dunes creating a unique ever changing world of red sand. Sunrise and sunset breaths a magic light on the dunes. The tones and colours at dusk are particularly awesome. A hot air balloon trip over Sossusvlei in the early morning is a must. As the sun rises, the light catches the tips of the dunes making them blood red. Look down on the amazing Fairy Circles. Many theories have been put forward as to their appearance. But they remain a mystery to this day. See Fairy Circles Wikipedia

See the stock photographs of the Sossusvlei Red Sand Dunes of the Namib desert from the Digital Photo Library of Chris Daly FPSSA APSSA(Vers) AFIAP

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