Namib Desert - Chris Daly

Namib Desert Landscapes

Vast open spaces, a huge canopy of blue sky and the amazing red sand dunes: This is the hall mark of the Namib Desert. The name namib means “vast place”. It stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres along the Atlantic ocean on the south western side of Namibia. The Namib Desert offers awesome opportunities for Landscape photography. Sunrise and sunsets are particularly dramatic and cause the red sand dunes to glow. The Namib Desert is usually dry and arid. We visited the region in April 2011 after a period of exceptionally good rainfall. The desert landscape was covered with lush green grass. Herds of Gemsbok (oryx) grazed freely in the grasslands. Namibia has some of the most magnificent scenery I had seen in Southern Africa.

See the Namib Desert stock photographs from the Digital Photo Library of Chris Daly FPSSA APSSA(Vers) AFIAP

Stock photos from the Digital Photo Library. © Chris Daly FPSSA APSSA (Vers) AFIAP

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