Kwazulu Natal Seascapes - Chris Daly

Seascapes photos of the spectacular Kwazulu Natal North Coast

Kwazulu Natal Seascapes are some of the best seascape photographs in South Africa. The north Coast of Kwazulu Natal is washed by the warm waters of the Agulhas current. The coastline boasts many interesting rocky outcrops, coves and other features. The rocks and lighthouse at Umhlanga Rocks, the sweeping vistas along the sandy beaches towards Durban, the beautiful coves and bays around Ballito Bay, Thompsons Bay and Shakas Rock. There are amazing rock formations and patterns worn by the wave and sands of time, Sheffield Beach being a prime example. The coastline of Kwazulu Natal faces East and looks out over the mighty Indian Ocean. Sunrise is a time to photograph the beauty sun rising from the golden ocean. Rock pools reflect the spectacular colours of the sun lighting the clouds on the horizon. These colours and the textures of the rocks create beautiful seascapes especially at low tide. At high tide great waves roll in and crash against the rocks shooting spray and foam into the air. In the evening on a still night, the full moon will rise slowly from the sea adding magic to the warm sub-tropical night.

Kwazulu Natal Seascapes Gallery & Slideshow

Stock photos from the Digital Photo Library © Chris Daly FPSSA APSSA (Vers) AFIAP

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