Photographing Garden Birds - Chris Daly

Setting up and photo examples

The bird feeder in the garden is in an open but shady area. It needs to have an additional light source for a good exposure of 500th Sec at F8 on my Fujifilm X-T1. I can push the ISO of the X-T1 as high as 3200 without noticing any serious noise . I tried using a small fill in flash but found the light too harsh. I decided to rig out a 20W LED spotlight purchased from a local lighting shop with an old light stand. It works very well and I am considering buying a 30W light as well.

The advantages of an LED spotlight are that they consume a small amount of electricity and can be left on for a long time allowing the birds to get used to them. They give off very little heat as compared to the standard halogen light.

For convenience I use the Fujifilm Camera Remote App on my iPad. This means I can sit a distance away from the feeder and not disturb the birds. The App allows me to focus on different spots by touching the screen. This app is available for iPhone and Android

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